Beef Dog Food

  • Our beef dog food and treats are rich in amino acids and vitamins to build strong bones, teeth and less poo.
  • Absolutely no grains or gluten, just beef


Beef Tripe Treats

  • Green Tripe is a great source of probiotics, calcium, digestive enzymes, and much more.
  • Green Tripe can be added to raw diets or traditional pet food to promote digestive health and boost pets’ immune systems.

 Salmon Food and Treats

  • Freeze-Dried Salmon is naturally rich in Omega 3s for a healthy coat and skin, improved immune system and enhanced heart health.  
  • Also a great source of Vitamins A, B-complex and D plus Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc.

Rabbit Food and Treats

  • Rabbit dog and cat food and treats are a novel protein which is excellent source of B12, which helps your dog maintain their energy level. 
  • Freeze-dried Rabbit is commonly recommended by veterinarians to help with digestive issues or allergic reactions.
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