Freeze-Dried Salmon Mini Nibs Dog Food

Salmon dog food is great for those pups who may experience the occasional upset tummy or itchy skin. Serve as a complete and balanced meal or mix with kibble for a nutrition boost.
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Product Description:

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Salmon Mini Nibs Dog Food is grain free and a unique protein for those pups who may experience the occasional upset tummy or itchy skin. Salmon is a high-quality protein and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which provides a number of health benefits in dogs and may aid in boosting the immune system, reducing joint inflammation, maintaining healthy skin and coat and alleviating skin irritations or allergies. Packaging may vary.

14 oz bag

Product Features and Benefits

Feature 1)

SALMON DOG FOOD - the #1 ingredient in our food, naturally rich in Omega 3s, Vitamins A, B-complex and D plus Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc. We do not dehydrate or cook our dog food, which alters the original nutritional content of the raw material.

Feature 2)

REAL, RAW, FREEZE-DRIED DOG FOOD. Made with 100% USA Salmon identical to food in the wild. Full of simply natural nutrients because our process retains the natural nutrients. Unlike high heat, cooked meat, which loses nutritional value requiring additives. We never cook our dog food, trust that you are feeding the closest raw nutrition your pup instinctively craves and knows!

Feature 3)

LOOKING FOR NEW PUPPY FOOD? Remember "garbage in garbage out" this concept applies to your new puppy too! A simply, natural diet is so powerful, pets live at an ideal weight, g strong bones, have firm muscle tone, a beautiful coat, may even shed less and just enjoy life longer. No sugar filled kibble weighing them down and filling your yard.

Feature 4)

100% USA SOURCED DOG FOOD. We source as local as possible, USDA meat, made and packaged in our owned facilities, in the heart of the Midwest. Wild caught Salmon, no fillers, flavorings, grains, gluten, no junky stuff that will clog up your dogs digestive tract.


GOOD FOR THEIR TEETH DOG FOOD. Why do dogs have bad teeth? Commercial pet food contains starch which causes tartar buildup, dental disease and mouth infections. Poor dental hygiene may affect energy levels too. Crunchy, nutrition naturally supports tartar and plaque reduction while strengthening your dogs teeth. Chewing stimulates healthy gums, great for circulation.

Feature 6)

WHY SO MUCH WASTE? You may be feeding your dog ingredients their natural system is not designed to absorb which then ends up in your yard. Feeding Vital Essentials freeze-dried dog food is simple for your dog to digest, retaining the key nutrients creating less waste. Firmer stools + near odorless + smaller = fewer eliminations for you to cleanup.

Feature 7)

HOW TO TRANSITION TO RAW FEEDING. Switch to a purely raw diet slowly. Some pets take to raw dog food immediately, while other pets may take longer because they are hooked on the added flavorings in traditional dog food. Take at least 10 days to 2 weeks to gradually transition your pet’s diet. This gives their digestive system time to adjust to the new food.


Salmon, mixed tocopherols (preservative), vitamin E supplement, zinc amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex, manganese amino acid complex










Feed Vital Essentials Crunchy, Tasty Mini Nibs Dog Food as is for a complete meal, use as a training treat or mix in for a touch of raw. Remember to always provide access to clean, fresh water. Store freeze-dried products in a cool dark place. Best if fed within 30 days after opening.


6 lbs - 1/3 cup | 12 lbs - 3/4 cup | 18 lbs - 1 cup | 25 lbs - 1-1/2 cups | Feed up to double the amount for puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs. Individual requirements may vary.


Wash hands, utensils, counters, food dishes and related areas thoroughly with hot, soapy water after each feeding.


Reseal and store Vital Essentials freeze-dried products in a cool dark place. Best if fed within 30 days after opening.

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